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What Are We Talking About When We Talk About Engagement? [CONVO]

Mitch Lieberman, Market Strategist, Sword Ciboodle

Is “engagement” becoming another one of those overused buzz words that’s losing its meaning?

Mitch Lieberman, market strategist at Sword Ciboodle, offers a rich perspective on customer-facing and organizational issues. He recently posted on his A Title Would Limit My Thoughts blog about our collective efforts to define engagement.

Mitch posits that we are likely doing better defining employee engagement — thanks to quantitative, shared objectives — than we are defining customer engagement.

In this conversation, Mitch and I explore how the term “engagement” is applied in the context of social media, as well as whether better employee engagement leads to better customer engagement.

We also talk about the recent Zappos security breach, exploring the crisis management action of and reactions to a company acknowledged for its extremely high customer and employee engagement.

Your easy takeaway from this conversion is that customer engagement is not a number you pull off of Facebook Insights. Your challenge may be to admit you’ve been tossing around the word “engagement” without nailing down a working definition.


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