Content Marketing Success for Turnstone Means Relevancy, Consistency and Kapost

Emily Bosma, Digital Media & Content Anthropologist, Turnstone Furniture

Is your brand blogging? It's smart content marketing and pretty easy to do, right? Well, not always. What if you're posting frequently, on diverse topics of interest to your customers, with content from multiple authors that requires editorial control? And what if you want to integrate the posts into your social and other platforms? Suddenly, the hue and cry about brands becoming publishers loses a bit of its appeal. Especially when your brand is in the business of making tangible … [Read more...]

If Content is King, How Do Ongoing Changes at Facebook Make Analytics Queen?


Reggie Bradford is the Founder and CEO of Vitrue.Vitrue offers SaaS solutions to help brands and agencies harness the marketing-communications potential of Facebook, Twitter and other social communities. Follow Reggie on Twitter on @ReggieBradford and @Vitrue. As an industry, we fully understand the need for comprehensive and detailed analytics to monitor, measure and make sense of social data so the best social strategies can be identified and put into play. Earlier this week, Facebook … [Read more...]