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Content Marketing Success for Turnstone Means Relevancy, Consistency and Kapost (CONVO)

Emily Bosma, Digital Media & Content Anthropologist, Turnstone Furniture

Is your brand blogging? It’s smart content marketing and pretty easy to do, right?

Well, not always.

What if you’re posting frequently, on diverse topics of interest to your customers, with content from multiple authors that requires editorial control? And what if you want to integrate the posts into your social and other platforms?

Suddenly, the hue and cry about brands becoming publishers loses a bit of its appeal. Especially when your brand is in the business of making tangible products and content marketing almost feels like a factory of its own.

Mike Lewis, President, Kapost

The good news is that many brands have invested in overcoming these obstacles and knowing their practices can be of benefit to you and your sales.

In today’s convo, we look at how one company’s blog-centric content marketing strategy benefits from solid vision and good tools. I speak with Emily Bosma, Digital Media & Content Anthropologist at Turnstone and Mike Lewis, President of content marketing platform Kapost. Turnstone is using Kapost to help manage its B2B blog — and bloggers — to improve workflow and analyze post effectiveness.

Among today’s content marketing takeaways:

  • Be clear about your goals. Keep in mind, this is not advertising.
  • Don’t be afraid of new platforms. (Pinterest anyone?) Content that is relevant to your customers is content that can win across multiple channels.
  • If you are serious about content marketing, you need someone in charge.
  • Content marketing success is not something you can accomplish overnight. Publishing should be consistent to improve visibility and engagement.

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